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My Experience With Acting

Having been in the ‘business’ nearly 20 years (working in different areas), I thought I would write about some of my personal experiences and knowledge to offer support and advice to actors both professional and aspiring.

This first blog details my own personal views which some may not agree with, but I hope there is something that helps. The following is aimed at aspiring actors, but professionals may appreciate the content. Continue reading My Experience With Acting

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The Role Of A Casting Director & How They Can Support Actors

While most actors are aware of casting directors and appreciate they are the people who can offer actors work, many do not fully understand the role of a casting director. Understanding their role will give you an opportunity to build a successful relationship with them and as a result, give you a better chance of being seen for roles.

Continue reading The Role Of A Casting Director & How They Can Support Actors

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A Guide to Self-Taping (While you Self-Isolate).

As the film industry reopens for business, self-taping is more important than ever with almost every CD choosing online tapes over physical auditions. This makes it a perfect time for you to dust off your tripod and microphone to practise your taping skills at home. In this post I am going to address some the technical elements of putting together a solid self-tape, and cover some of the misconceptions on what to wear and how to present yourself. Continue reading A Guide to Self-Taping (While you Self-Isolate).