Masterclass in Screen Acting

In Screen Acting

Central London

1 Month Diploma Course


Four Week Course

Intensive four weeks of practical training, giving you the experience, contacts and tools you need to succeed as a screen actor


Award-Winning Tutors

Collaborate closely with acclaimed Directors, Casting Director, and top-tier acting coaches to elevate and refine your skillset to new heights.


Tools For Success

Capture the attention of Casting Directors and Producers with a distinctive cinematic showreel crafted specifically for you by award-winning Directors, ensuring your standout presence in the industry.

Unlock Your Acting Potential For Film & TV

Immerse yourself in an intensive four-week advanced training program located in the heart of Central London and the renowned Pinewood Studios. Here, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to closely collaborate with industry creatives, including esteemed Film & TV Directors, Acting Coaches and Casting Director.

Throughout this immersive experience, you’ll not only refine your craft but also develop essential business knowledge crucial for success in the entertainment industry. Within this dynamic and inspiring environment, you’ll lay a solid foundation that will empower your performance both on screen and in audition settings.

International Talent

Graduate Spotlight

Alumni of our Screen Acting Masterclass consistently secure roles in film and television worldwide. Our program equips you with the essential knowledge to not only find success but also sustain a thriving career in screen acting. Whether you're a newcomer to the industry or seeking to invigorate your existing career, our training is customised to enhance your unique skillset.

Full-time training

The first three weeks of your training on the Masterclass in Screen Acting runs from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

The final week of your course is dedicated to filming your showreel, with a call time of 8am and wrap time of 6pm. 

Training held in Central London

The initial three weeks of training take place at Regent’s Place, 201 Drummond St, London NW1 3FE, situated in Regents Park at the heart of Central London.

Getting to Regents Park

Nearby tube stations include: Baker Street, Regents Park, Euston and Edgware Road. Paid parking is also available on site. Please contact Regents University directly for parking prices.

Week 1

Get on Screen - Technical

with Jack Parry-Jones

To commence your Masterclass journey, we will immerse you in the world of screen acting while offering hands-on experience. This comprehensive week will cover essential aspects such as shot sizes, eye lines, and personal continuity, providing you with practical skills vital for success in the industry.

Each day, you’ll participate in filming scenes and receive constructive feedback from experienced Directors. This process ensures maximum on-screen time, allowing you to enhance your confidence and proficiency working on set.

Week 2

Improvisation, Voice, Movement

with Ifan Meredith

After gaining confidence on camera and familiarising yourself with the dynamics of a working set in Week One, Week Two will focus on equipping you with the necessary skills to deliver compelling performances consistently. Under the guidance of industry experts, you’ll dive into a variety of scripts, honing your ability to analyse text effectively.

Throughout the week, you’ll develop your own method for script analysis, supported by vocal and physical exercises designed to facilitate relaxation on set and evoke the required emotions. By practicing techniques that help you stay fresh and authentic with every take, you’ll be prepared to deliver convincing performances that captivate audiences.

Week 3

Advanced Technique & The Business on Screen

with Ben Cogan, Nathan Caselton
& Sarah Hannah

During your Third Week, you’ll immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of TV and sitcom acting under the guidance of experienced directors. Operating within a multi-cam environment, you’ll refine your technical screen skills, focusing on precision in hitting marks and effectively engaging with the active lens.

To excel in this competitive industry, you’ll receive invaluable insights into the audition process, including the art of self-taping, collaborating with casting directors, and establishing a compelling professional profile. Armed with confidence and essential industry knowledge, you’ll be poised to make a memorable impression and thrive in your acting career.

Week 4

Showreel Filming
at Pinewood Studios

The final week of your course is focused on filming two professional scenes for your acting showreel.  You will be given the chance to work alongside an Award-Winning Director and Cinematographer to experience filming on a professional set.  Scenes, which are written bespoke for you, are shot on RED and then be professionally edited, colour-graded and sound designed for use on platforms such as Spotlight, IMDb and

Filming held at Pinewood Studios

The final week of your Masterclass course is held at the heart of the British Film Industry and home to some of the world’s most influential Oscar winning film makers. Feel inspired and build your confidence as you work with industry leading professionals in a supportive environment.

Getting to Pinewood Studios

Free parking is available on site. A free shuttle bus service runs to Pinewood from nearby stations, including Uxbridge Tube Station, Slough and Gerrards Cross (Transfer time 10 mins).

Spotlight connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions around the world. Casting professionals choose Spotlight to cast their projects because performers on Spotlight are recognised as the industry’s best. 

To be eligible to apply for Spotlight Membership, you have to successfully earn 400 Points from Actors Studio Training.

Each course is worth a certain amount of points. Once you have achieved a total of at least 400 points, you will be eligible to apply for Spotlight Members.

Spotlight Eligibility

Each course is worth a certain amount of points. Courses can be repeated to earn points. See below how many points you can earn from successfully completing this course.

Showreel Scenes

Alumni Credits

Get Seen on Screen

Embark on a path paved by internationally acclaimed actors who have kickstarted their careers through our renowned Masterclass. Utilise your newly acquired skills in your upcoming auditions and set sail on your journey to the silver screen.

What Actors
Are Saying

Alex Crow
Alex Crow
Read More
This is a brilliant course - so much content taught by amazing experienced tutors who are still working in the world of TV and Film.

To do a course in Pinewood is lovely and the week filming the bespoke showreels was a brilliant finale. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in TV and film.
Phillipa Flynn Marriott
Phillipa Flynn Marriott
Read More
A galvanizing month of thorough Screen training ranging from acting techniques to technical terms. Having over 20 years of experience in the business I wanted an intense course to brush up my screen skills post-pandemic and that is exactly what I got.

Plus it is run by a very lovely bunch of creatives who tailor make the experience to nurture the best out of individuals.
Nick Bateman
Nick Bateman
Read More
The Masterclass in Screen Acting at Pinewood was an absolute honour to study. The course itself is brilliantly structured over four weeks. It's designed to open your eyes to the technical and emotional aspects of acting for screen, that up to this point, I have was not aware of at all.

The crew are absolutely fantastic and really make the course what it is - from talented and inspiring teachers, directors, scriptwriters, 1st ADs, camera crew, lighting and sound technicians - they're all inspiring in their own way.

Honestly, I wish I could do it again and I hope Pinewood will do a follow-up course so I have a reason to come back, learn and walk the hallways of their campus again!
Jennavere Watkin
Jennavere Watkin
Read More
Truly the best screen acting training experience. The masterclass in screen acting has taught me wonders about the industry from technicalities to the artistry to how to build yourself in the business.

This course had really challenged me every day, feeling tired as I got home and learning scripts everyday. The bar was set to high standards which really pushed me to come out as a much better actor.
Janine Hickl
Janine Hickl
Read More
The 4-week Masterclass at Actors Studio was a life changing experience! The Actors Studio team is wonderful and an honor to work with. This is a high quality training with great course content, inspiring teachers, a fantastic crew and amazing people in a creative environment.

The course itself is challenging but very informative, encouraging and fun! I can highly recommend the Masterclass and I will definitely come back to do another course soon - Thank you!
Forrest Caffray
Forrest Caffray
Read More
Almost every single day on the course, could be split into its own individual workshop. Working with different professionals in the field on so many different elements of the industry, the scope covered in 20 days is exhaustive - in a good way.

This is certainly no walk in the park, you will be pushed in mentally and emotionally novel ways, ways not provoked before. You will surprise yourself!

Covering the course in detail would require an essay. To put it shortly, if you have the time, money and curiosity, then go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Receive Footage From Workshops?

All workshops will be filmed and available to download after completion of the course, crucial to your development. 

Those who purchase the Media Pack will receive their footage on the last day.

How Do I Join Spotlight?

You will earn 130 points upon completion of this course. You need to earn 400 points from Actors Studio to be eligible for Spotlight.

Will I Receive A Showreel From This Course?

In the final week of the course you will apply your skills on a professional set and film two scenes. These scenes will go through post production including editing and colour grading and delivered via WeTransfer up to 7 weeks after the course.

How Do I Apply For The Course?

You can book through our website. We accept all major Credit & Debit Cards, PayPal and International Payment Providers. This course is designed for those who are seriously committed to developing their acting career and not suitable for complete beginners.

What Do I Need To Prepare?

You will be sent various scripts to learn throughout the course by the coordinator. You will also be sent a Welcome Pack highlighting any prior research you should complete before the course begins.

Is The Course Suitable For International Students?

Yes we welcome international students on all of our screen acting courses. Please note you must have strong spoken and written English skills.

Where Is The Training Held?

Training is held at Regents University, Regents Park, London for the first three weeks of the course. There is paid parking available on site and multiple nearby Tube Stations.

How Many Students Are On This Course?

There is a maximum of 14 participants.  

What Time Do Workshops Run?

The course runs from 10am to 5pm everyday with a lunch break typically at 1pm. On the final week of the course days are longer to allow for our filming schedule, typically 8am to 6pm.

Where Is Showreel Filming Held?

The final week of the course dedicated to filming is held at Pinewood Studios. On some days the production may film on location near to the studios where transport will be organised.

Request More Information

Before You Book

Course Information

You will attend the Masterclass from Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm at Old Diorama, Regent’s Place, 201 Drummond St, London NW1 3FE

The final week of your course is dedicated to filming your showreel held at Pinewood Studios, with a call time of 8am and wrap time of 6pm. We highly recommend making yourself available after class should lesson’s be extended, or filming take longer than scheduled.

Getting to Pinewood Studios

Pinewood Studios is connected via a free shuttle bus service to Uxbridge Tube Station, Gerrards Cross, Slough and West Ruislip all with good links into Central London and surrounding areas.

The free shuttle bus operates morning and afternoon before and after class. Transport to filming locations will be arranged during your time on the course.

There is free parking available at Pinewood – you don’t require a permit to park.

Payment Plans

Secure your place with a £800 deposit today.

To make this course more accessible we offer a payment plan option to break down the cost into smaller individual amounts.

A deposit of £700 + £100 payment plan fee will secure your place at booking. The remaining balance of £2,250 is due 30 days before the start of the course.  


Contact us for assistance.

Accommodation is not included in this course, however we happily advise on the best nearby locations rented by previous students via websites such as AirBnb.

We recommend seeking accommodation near to transport links listed below so you can make use of the free shuttle bus if you’re not driving.

Booking Options

Pay in Full

Pay the full amount on booking.

You will pay a total of £2,950.00

Pay a Deposit

The payment plan incurs an additional fee of £100 to be paid at the time of booking. You will pay a deposit of £700 + £100 fee. Your balance of £2,250.00 is due 30 days before the start of your course.

You will pay a total of £3,050.00 


Select a date then choose your payment method. This is a highly popular course and spaces are limited so we advise booking ahead to secure your booking.

Please read our Terms and Conditions before proceeding with your booking.

Additional Information

Course Location

Weeks 1 to 3:

Old Diorama, Regent’s Place, 201 Drummond St, London NW1 3FE

Week 4:

Actors Studio, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0NH


  • No previous qualifications required
  • Film 2 duologue scenes for your acting showreel
  • Led by Award-Winning Industry Professionals
  • Certificate presented on completion
  • Attracts a varied age range for those 17 yrs+
  • International Students Welcome
  • The course is taught in English, so it is important that you have proficient English language skills
  • Small Class Size

Payment Options

We accept all major debit and credit cards. Take advantage of PayPal Pay In 3, where you can split the cost of your deposit into three interest-free payments. 

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