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The Growing Demand for Multi-Cam and What Actors Need To Know

Any actor who wants to work in television needs to know and understand the differences between multi-cam and single-cam. With COVID-19, growing measures are being put in place by productions to make sure that you, the cast and crew, are safe. Productions are looking at filming more efficiently, and the use of multi-cam is quickly growing in popularity.
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Coronavirus + The UK Film & TV Industry

For those of us behind the scenes or on-screen, film sets have been in lockdown just like everywhere else and the industry came to a holt. It was hard to imagine what a Film or TV set might look like operating with COVID-19 guidelines, but slowly, productions are reopening including Actors Studio and we have implemented new ways of working in accordance to government guidelines and advice from the British Film Institute.  Continue reading Coronavirus + The UK Film & TV Industry

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My Experience With Acting

Having been in the ‘business’ nearly 20 years (working in different areas), I thought I would write about some of my personal experiences and knowledge to offer support and advice to actors both professional and aspiring.

This first blog details my own personal views which some may not agree with, but I hope there is something that helps. The following is aimed at aspiring actors, but professionals may appreciate the content. Continue reading My Experience With Acting