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My Experience at Actors Studio – Actors in Lockdown

As actors, we are always trying to advance, learn, build our ‘tool kits’. However, during the current times inspiration begins to dwindle, being in front of the camera suddenly terrifies me. Do I still have it in me?? To find out I jumped onto Tim Kent’s 5 Day Course, one of the few things available.

Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath.

Day 1

Here I was, back on set. Nervous. Actors wearing visors. Name tags on chairs, that were placed sparsely apart. Mr. Kent greeted us, and suddenly the mood changed, actors began to smile as he spoke of filming, acting, camera angles, the editing process and what’s expected of us as actors, suddenly we were back in that world we love. LIGHTS! ACTION! The magic words. Suddenly the posture was back, the breathing, the anticipation. We were handed out scripts, that were later filmed. He placed us in the hot seat, analysing each character, where we came from, what’s our story, and imaginations flowed again. Amazing transformations.

Day 2
Now this was a tough one. A day of entering your deeper emotions, those things at your core, the things we hide, the things that make us who we are, and how to safely access them and use it on screen. We each chose a story that has impacted us in some way, and gave it to camera, no scripts. A great bonding exercise (with some tears) as we all gave our story’s. Suddenly your soul is blasted open, and there you are, the real you, no shields, no barriers. Somehow all our raw emotions were there. At the end of the day we were handed scripts that were to be filmed at the end of the week as part of our Showreels.

Day 3 – Rehearsals
Rehearsal day. We worked with our partners, rehearsing the two scenes. Yet after the previous day there was suddenly a deep intimate connection between all of us. Mr. Kent separately rehearsed with each pair of actors, where we worked on blocking, and polishing our characters, building their stories, until it came to life.

Day 4 – Filming
Shooting day. Nervous. Each pair filmed their scene separately. The masked crew was lovely, as we all worked in such new circumstances. We were directed by a young talented director Nathan Caselton. More skills, more strength, more self-belief.  who had years of experience working with Tim Kent. He was incredibly patient, guided us through our scenes, helping us understand our characters better, working out the best angles for each individual actor. And there we were, acting, and happy.

Day 5 – That’s a Wrap
We entered our second day of filming. The actors suddenly developed an aura of confidence, I think the previous day of intense exercises and filming helped us all access something, almost like progressing onto a new level. We were directed by Mr. Kent, and it was like watching the magic unfold in front of your eyes, like watching an artist with a paintbrush. He took those incredible energies of each actor and moulded it into scenes creating beautiful shots together with the Director of Photography. Stories unfolded, and the actors became real, shining, giving their all on camera.

Unforgettable experience. Almost like someone breathed life into you again, inspired. True movie magic.