The A-Lister

The A-Lister Showreel Package is the ultimate solution to getting film-quality scenes shot in cinema-style with a professional crew and completely unique scripts. If you have experience and training, but lack high-quality content that matches your casting type then this is the ideal opportunity for you to get behind the camera and film scenes devised by you and a director.

  • Initial Meeting at Pinewood Studios with Director
  • Two Bespoke Scenes written exclusively for you
  • Private Rehearsal with Director & Cast Pre-Shoot
  • Shot on RED Digital Cinema Camera in 4K
  • Hair & Make-Up Artist on Set
  • Edited and Colour Graded by our Showreel Specialists

Filmed in Cine-4K on RED Digital Cinema Cameras, Directed by an Award-Winning Director, Shot by our Professional Crew at Pinewood Studios

How It Works

Once a booking has been made, we will arrange an initial meeting with the Director at Pinewood Studios or via Skype if required. After a meeting discussing casting types and characters you wish to pursue, work will commence on the first draft of your scripts. Professional actors will be cast for your scenes, and will work alongside you and the director for private rehearsals at Pinewood before your filming day. The day of filming will include one scene in-studio, and another scene on location according to the requirements of the script.

Your Director

Taz Ayoub is an award-winning director with experience gained from over 50 projects in Film & TV. His craft of working with actors has been recognised in his projects through winning Award of Excellence for his recent short film. Now he’s giving you the opportunity to shoot a unique, bespoke cinematic showreel that demonstrates your technique on screen and opens greater opportunities to get cast. From evaluating your character types to finalising the edit, Taz is part of your showreel from beginning to end. 

Hair & Make-Up:

A specialist screen hair and make-up artist will be on set during the shoot, and provide a stylistic approach according to your scripts. They will typically advise two different looks for you to show contrast in your scenes, and they will maintain hair continuity between filming shots. 

On-Location Filming:

To give your scenes variation, and our cinematography team the ability to be creative in the production of your showreel one of your scenes will be filmed on-location appropriate to the script. The location will be scouted by Actors Studio, and areas of filming will be devised by the Director alongside the requirements of your script. 

Shot On RED:

Our Bespoke Showreel Packages are now shot on the latest technology from Red Digital Cinema. The A-Lister Package is filmed in Cinema-4K to capture the finest details and give your showreel a cinematic appearance. You will be given digital files compatible with online platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo to give you the best opportunity of exposing your showreel.

Colour Grade & Sound Design:

Once the edit of your scenes are locked, we will then begin work on colour grading and sound designing your scenes. The creative process of colour grading will take the raw footage from a flat state, to a vibrant cinematic piece of film according to the mood and atmosphere of your scenes. We will also craft the sound of your scene, introducing any relevant ambient noises and correction of voices.

This package is a unique experience for any actor, shooting two scenes in a professional and friendly environment and edited and delivered for online platforms such as Spotlight and