Acting in Soap Opera & Sitcom – Adapting to Multicam with Eastenders Director Richard Lynn/Steve Finn


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Final Spaces Remaining  |  Location: Pinewood Studios 10am – 5pm  |  Tutors: Richard Lynn & Tim Kent

Take your screen acting technique to a television standard with Eastenders Director Richard Lynn/Steve Finn on this fast-paced three day workshop. Discover the new ways UK broadcasters are filming socially distanced scenes in a multi-cam environment as you learn the differences in blocking through the eyes of a film and television director. Held at Pinewood Studios, you will bring scripts to life with the guidance of highly experienced Directors Richard Lynn/Steve Finn and Tim Kent, covering the technical aspects of working on a set and how to maintain a good relationship interacting with co-performers.

Having directed the UK’s top soap stars in over 100 episodes of BBC’s EastEnders, Richard/Steve is now giving you the opportunity to take advantage of their actor orientated, multi-cam directorial experience and offer tips on working in the industry as a recurring actor. After a day of introduction to screen technique with Tim Kent, you will be cast in a scene suited to your casting type which will be shot on multi-cam and directed by Richard/Steve. This is a unique chance to bring your performance skills to screen with an experienced director and undertake the challenge of playing to more than one camera.

DAY 1 
Intensive practical training for single camera with Tim Kent covering shot sizes, eye lines, and personal continuity. On this first day students will be introduced to a range of immersive acting techniques and the process of blocking and shooting a scene for cinema. In addition to discovering the technical elements of performance, Tim will bring his wealth of experience in working with actors to make both experienced and training actors comfortable in-front of a crew. Students will finish their first day having filmed a scene in single-camera format.

DAY 2 
Contrasting day 1 students will work in a television format with director Richard Lynn/Steve Finn, who will expose the differences in shooting multi-cam to single. Using the same script, Richard/Steve will re-block scenes and demonstrate to actors the process of filming on UK television shows such as EastEnders where time is critical. With multiple view points, students will learn the importance of hitting marks and finding the right lens in the journey of their performance. 

DAY 3 
Day three arms students with a good understanding of the potential workload a soap actor might experience. Using scripts that are issued the night before, students will be expected to have learnt dialogue and built a sense of story / character to be ready for filming. As with television, students will learn to understand character continuity and journey as Richard and Steve demonstrate a fast-paced day of filming out of sequence, true to the process of television. 

Please note: This course requires good written and spoken English due to it’s fast pace and students will be required to learn dialogue quickly using techniques provided by the director. 

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Led by experienced UK television Director
Clearly understand Single Camera and Multi-Cam techniques
Working as an actor in a fast-paced set environment
Devising characters from scripts in a short time frame
Understanding the roles of the crew close to actors

Actors Studio
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath

Richard Lynn / Steve Finn & Tim Kent

Intensive course
You will be given the footage filmed through workshop
Small class size – 14 maximum
Age 17 +
Led by Award-Winning Industry Professionals
The World Famous Pinewood Studios is easily accessible and offers free parking –
Ideal for those with some acting experience, but with little or no training for the screen
International Students welcome
10am – 5pm

Additional information

Course Dates

Tuesday 29th September 2020 – Thursday 1st October 2020, Tuesday 5th January 2021 – Thursday 7th January 2021, Wednesday 5th May 2021 – Friday 7th May 2021

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions before making a booking.