Actors Studio Talks with Mel Churcher


Watch online, on-demand. 

Join leading voice, dialect and acting coach Mel Churcher on this intimate talk, discussing some of the biggest questions asked by actors. Previous students of Mel include Daisy Edgar-Jones, Daniel Craig, Jet Li, Keira Knightley, Henry Cavill, Sam Riley and Gerard Butler.

In this exlucive Actors Studio Talks, Mel discusses:

  • Tips for preparing for an audition
  • Ways to combat nerves
  • How to relate to your role
  • Taking on a role far from your own character
  • The key to a natural reaction
  • How to connect with your Co-star, including a touching real life story from Mel’s experience on set.*

We hope you enjoy the insightful words of Mel Churcher and that this interview will resonate with you when you can next put your skills into practice.

*Please note this was recorded before social distancing rules. Some of Mel’s techniques can only be applied when safe to do so or with others you have isolated with. 




  • Language: English
  • Available to Watch Online, On-Demand
  • Run Time: 15 minutes