Actor Voice Reels


Location: Pinewood Studios  |  Recordist: William Lundahl

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Whether you are looking to record a Commercial, Character, Corporate or even Radio Voice Reel, our professional Voice Reel service provides you with everything you need to stand out. Recorded at Pinewood Studios, our sound recordist William Lundahl will guide you through the process to achieve a successful reel. Our voice reels include 8 tracks edited together with the addition of appropriate music and additional sounds to help you stand out. With an extensive library of various length scripts, we have a wide selection suitable for Commercial, Narrative, Dialogue, or Infomercial.

Recording Session:
The session usually takes between 90-120 minutes. Prior to recording you will have the chance to rehearse with our sound recordist, then go through the dialogue line-by-line to ensure you achieve the best performance.

Following a recording session, your tracks be processed and enhanced with music, sounds, and/or effects to achieve a successful track. Your voice will be treated to remove “wet noises” such as breaths, sibilance or plosives.

What you receive:
Voice Reel, 8 track – 90 Seconds
(Narrative, Commercial, or a mix)
Will be delivered as wav and mp3.

Dry Voice Reel, 8 track – 90 Seconds
Without any music or effects. (Best takes are treated and used to create a dry voice track)
Will be delivered as wav and mp3.

Raw Files, untreated or edited.
Usually around 1gb to 1.5gb in size. Customers will not receive the original music or effects separately.

All the deliveries will be sent out through Wetransfer.
Depending on the extend of your reel, typical turnaround is within five working days.  Once you have booked, we will contact you to arrange your recording session at Pinewood Studios.



Actors Studio
Pinewood Studios
Pinewood Road
Iver Heath

William Lundahl

Record a professional voice reel
90-120 minute session to record your voice reel
The option to focus on commercial, narrative, or a mixture of both
Template of a Typical Voice Reel:
Introduction – 5 seconds
Upbeat Commercial – 15 seconds
Corporate Audio – 15 seconds
Audiobook – 15 seconds
Character Voices – 15 seconds
TV/Radio Promo – 10 seconds
Soft Sell Commercial – 10 seconds
Lively, Energetic Explainer Video – 10 Seconds

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Terms and Conditions

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