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Make a short film

How would you like to star in your own short film?

Make a Short Film

Produce, write, collaborate and star in a custom made short film. Work closely with a professional writer and film director to produce a short film specifically created to suit actors cast type. The ideal opportunity to experience and learn the processes in producing a short film from start to finish while gaining a professional IMDB credit.

Learning outcomes:

Understanding the processes required to write, produce and act in a short film

Experience working with a professional screen writer, director and crew

The ultimate marketing tool to boost any actors career to secure professional screen acting contract

Unique opportunity to fine-tune screen acting technique

Gain confidence in screen acting ability

Stand out from the crowd with unique showcase

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Short Film Showcase

The Prowler

Directed by Tim Kent and written by Matthew Arlidge, The Prowler explores the toxicity within a relationship. Shot using high end cameras, the end result is outstanding and stands as a testament to the quality production available at Pinewood studios.

A dramatic and emotionally charged piece, the film details separation and how the child is used as a “pawn” between parents, an all too familiar and humanly relatable situation.