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How To Become a Film and TV Actor 

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To be the best at your job you must never stop learning. Even seasoned actors who have achieved great success are constantly looking for new ways to further their skills. If you’ve ever wondered how to become a film or television actor, then look no further; we have summarised not only what it takes, but what you need to get started effectively.



1. Working with industry leaders

One thing you should be aware of as a screen actor is that your teachers are providing relevant training. Our tutors are constantly working on both large, and small films where they continue to learn the best practices on set and have the privilege of working with highly skilled actors; Tim Kent ran a successful acting agency representing many household names for 12 years. He has an incredible depth of knowledge of the industry and he now works as an award-winning director and producer based at Pinewood Studios. Working with Tim in a relaxed but professional environment will help you develop your skills and get honest feedback. We have helped many actors realise their casting type, and where they need to be positioned in the industry to get seen for suitable roles. Our courses cater to all levels, which means you may find yourself acting alongside TV regulars who are also there to hone their skills and learn from the best teachers, such as Mel Churcher and Steve Finn who regularly hold sessions with us.


2.  Understand Screen Technique

Many actors who attend our courses have come from a theatre background, and have had no exposure to the technical requirements of being a successful screen actor. Continuity, eye-lines, shot sizes, framing and cold reading are just a handful of the many demands put on actors when they turn to screen. Our courses are designed specifically for TV & Film performance, and explore many techniques to be used as a screen actor. Characterisation is vital when performing for screen, and exercises like communicating emotions using only your eyes, will enable you to give a convincing performance even when your just centimetres away from the camera. Whether you’re learning these skills for the first time, or an actor looking to develop them even further, it’s being ready to walk on set that is crucial; being unprepared could waste time in an industry where time is money.



3. Get a Professional Showreel Tailored to Your Casting Type

If you are serious about getting in the audition room then the most important asset you have as an actor is your showreel. Many actors waste time acting for free in low budget films, and Drama School videos. While these are great for beginners who want to gain confidence in-front of the camera, the end footage is often not usable to send to a casting director or in an audition application. On our courses that include filming a showreel, the script is chosen for you based on your casting and the type of characters you want to show yourself playing. Your scenes are then shot with a highly skilled, ten-person crew who all work in the industry and are extremely skilled at what they do. This not only provides you with a high quality professional showreel, but an authentic on-set experience to give you exposure of how a set is run for TV & Film.



4. Networking

In this highly competitive industry, it is vital that you network yourself with other actors who are chasing a similar goal as you. Not only will you be able to support each other through rehearsals, but you can push each other upwards step by step through the development of your career. One way to connect with similar individuals is through developing your online presence on websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Casting Call Pro, in addition to having your own website. While you may be an exceptional actor and have an outstanding showreel, casting agents are not going to be aware of your talents if you don’t market yourself. You’re reading this article online, right? Then the likelihood is that you got here through a form of social media or search engine. Casting agents will find you in the same way!



5. Headshots

In addition to showreels, headshots are another fundamental tool for any screen actor who wants to stand out in the industry. A profile picture is often your first point of visual presence to casting and talent agents, so it’s vital that it showcases you at your best. Headshots are not about appearing glamorous and displaying the latest fashion trends, but a marketing tools that’s engaging, real and portrays your casting type. It is the one device that has the power to capture your acting ability in a split second and provides an insight into the way you can carry yourself in front of the camera. Our headshot photographer, Anna Chand, offers two hour sessions that not only focusses on creating a true representation of your looks, but also covers character building for camera to show casting agents your acting abilities in a single frame, without the distraction of other actors and a film set.



6. Audition With Confidence

The audition process can be very intimidating the first time, however it’s vital you’re confident from the moment you enter the room. Actors Studio are specialists in providing practical advice on how an actor should prepare for a screen audition, sharing the casting process most commonly used today in addition to outlining ways you can avoid the pitfalls of interview ‘overkill’.


Whether you’re a seasoned actor who wants to prepare for the audition process, or a beginner that doesn’t know where to begin their career, our highly experienced team are ready to answer your questions on 01753 650951 between 10am-6pm, and 24/7 at

Tim Kent and Students of our Masterclass in Screen Acting Four Week Diploma

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A good headshot is one of the most important marketing tools for an actor.  We create headshots that are engaging, real and portray the actor’s casting type.

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