Marketing & PR Services

Actors Studio is armed with the experience and industry leading team to support actors of level with the best skills and marketing tools to land their next professional contract.

Emerging Talent

Actors Studio has helped build the careers of many aspiring actors, models and performers. Tim Kent was personally responsible for discovering many household names working in the industry today. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced newcomer, Actors Studio can help you navigate the ebbs and flows of your career and emerge a more vibrant player in the spotlight today

Talent Booking

Actors Studio holds a special affinity for actors and we work hard to identify what makes your talent unique to your target audience. We have helped our clients’ book international films and television jobs from London to Los Angeles.

Securing Representation

As an established company, we lend our credibility to our client’s CV. Actors Studio has the resources and experience to help you identify and reach out to the people whose decisions can make all the difference for your career. Our reputation allows us to approach the industry professionals with confidence and finesse, and our strong support of our clients means we are 100% behind you.

Creating Your Portfolio

We have relationships with the best photographers camera people and editors in town. Tim’s expertise ensures that your portfolio, head shots, electronic press kits (EPK), show reels and other promotional materials are up to the highest standard of quality and display you in your best light.