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Fansite L. Beaumont Fans Interviews Tim Kent, Director Of “The Prowler”

Actors Studio  News   Fansite L. Beaumont Fans Interviews Tim Kent, Director Of “The Prowler”

Fansite L. Beaumont Fans Interviews Tim Kent, Director Of “The Prowler”

Fansite L. Beaumont Fans Interviews Tim Kent, Director Of “The Prowler”

From The Examiner I learned that Matthew Arlidge wrote The Prowler for Linette who plays the lead role of Eva. The film can be seen as an exploration of toxicity in a relationship. How did you get involved in this project and what drew you to it?

I had worked with the highly talented Linette on a previous shoot and we discussed the possibility of doing a film together. Matthew Arlidge had recently launched the bestselling book Eeny Meeny and a colleague had suggested we approached him about writing a film. Matthew is an extremely talented writer and, fortunately for us, agreed to write The Prowler. Coincidently, the director of photography, James Friend, had just shot Matthew’s episodes of Silent Witness and he had agreed to shoot the film for me.

What is the setting of the film?

The film is set in 2 locations. The old marital house with mother and daughter and the new house the ex-husband is living in with his new partner.

Eva and Daniel are two leading characters. What were you looking for in them?

Both actors were extremely well cast and have a great emotional range.

Excellent performances from Linette and Dominic – how was it working with these actors?

They are real pros and have a can-do attitude. Nothing was too much trouble. As a director this is very important. When we shot the outside scenes it was extremely cold but they still delivered fabulous performances.

What was the most challenging part of making this film?

Time restraints were very challenging. We also used very high-end cameras and lens from Movitech at Pinewood Studios. The end result is fantastic but when you use such high-end equipment things move very slowly. It’s not just a case of moving the camera over there. It takes 3-4 people to move everything.

Obviously in the film the problem of jealousy and being unable to move on goes to the extreme. However, the root problem is not foreign to many couples. How relatable do you think this story is to the audience?

Extremely, I think in many separations where children are involved the child is used as a pawn on a chess set. “Ask your father. – Ask your Mother.”

Taking a step back from The Prowler, what kind of films do you prefer to make? And why?

Coming from a sports background I have always liked films that involve scenarios against all the odds. The original Rocky is a great example.

Are you making plans for your next film?

I have a few projects in the pipeline.

What are the key qualities that you look for in actors that you plan to work with?

A. They have a sense of humour. B. They are right for the part. Casting is very important.

You established Actors’ Studio at Pinewood, tell us more about this project.

Actors’ Studio is at the forefront of devising courses and workshops that develop and enhance the craft of screen acting and career management for aspiring and established actors worldwide. Offering some of the most innovative tuition available from a team of industry leaders, Actors’ Studio has a growing international reputation for using bespoke practical techniques to arm actors of any level with the very best skills and marketing tools to land the next professional contract.

What’s your motivation behind coaching?

I have for the last 20 years directed actors of all levels screen acting. It’s the challenge of bringing the script and character to life.

Is there a difference between coaching new or more established actors? And why?

It’s like going to the gym. The more you train the fitter you are. New actors need to get in shape, established actors are usually in good shape and just need to maintain it.

I can see on that you have some more projects in the pipeline. Can you please tell us a bit more about your project, Sparrows Call?

Sparrows Call is similar to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not for the faint hearted! LOL

Now, turning the attention to you, how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Determined. Positive. Creative.

Do you have a quote to live by? What is it?



How did it happen that you become a film director?

It’s been a natural progression. 14 years in front of camera, 12 years an agent, 20 years screen acting director.

What’s the hardest thing about directing?

Keeping focused on the monitor. That’s the only thing that counts.

Are there any particular directors whose work inspires you?

Sergio Leone.

What is your favourite genre in film?


You teamed up with Kate Plantin who cast The Prowler. Kate also has great credits – how does a director choose which casting director they work with?

It’s a bit like choosing a girlfriend or boyfriend. Meet a few and if you like them and get on with them – go for it.

How do you work with your casting directors in terms of identifying the right actors for the roles?

That’s why you need to work with experienced casting directors like Kate Plantin. They know their actors. If you give them the correct casting breakdown they will come up with great actors for the role.

How much does a budget play a role over a good script in which actors are available?

Having a good budget is paramount when making a good script into a film. Making films is torture if you have limited finances. Good actors are worth every penny. So having a good budget helps a lot.

Finally, when and how will people be able to see The Prowler?

The Prowler is currently doing the festival route and will be available shortly after.

And as a bonus question from a fan – do you think The Prowler could be a feature film one day?

Yes, watch this space.

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